Construction Monitoring

Maintain complete project control with quality, accuracy, and consistent progress

Our senior professionals oversee all aspects of construction needed

DND Construction Services can provide construction monitoring services, giving you a clear view of your project’s progress and allowing you to quickly and efficiently address problems as they arise. We have extensive expertise in real-time monitoring of all phases of construction, and can monitor the construction environment, quality control, timeliness and meeting targets, health and safety, materials, negotiations, and compliance with specifications.

Construction Monitoring Services

Review of Budget Magnitude

Ensure that adequate budget exists at the start of the construction and periodically during construction

Review Budget Line Item Allocation

Review budget for appropriate allocation of costs to ensure proper controls during partial payments

Monitor for Compliance with Loan Terms

Monitor administration and progress of the work for compliance with contract or funding terms​

On-site Evaluation of Work In Place

Inspect work against schedule and quality standards

Monthly Reporting / More Frequent as Required

Provide detailed written reports with photo documentation to forecast issues and capture history of construction

Change Order Review

Evaluate change order entitlement and pricing

Lien Waiver Review

Ensure receipt of lien waivers and review for proper accounting and execution